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Apple Face Recognition

As usual, the Apple Keynote, which introduced the new Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, and the iPhone X was done with great marketing aplomb. Apple executives acted like a great team and executed their usual: Tell them what

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Hackers and Voting Machines

A number of readers have asked for a perspective on the news story about a Las Vegas conference where hackers were able to easily break in to 30 voting machines. First of all, despite the sensational headlines, the successful hacking

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The Friend Vote

If there is one statistic from my research for Election Attitude which should get your attention, it is 100 million people. That is how many could have voted in 2012 and 2016, but did not. In round numbers, in 2012,

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The Senator’s Vote

Estonia has had Internet voting for more than ten years. Using a national ID card, Estonian citizens can vote privately and securely. The voting system has proven to be secure, but the country is about to unleash an update to

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Ranked Choice Voting

Many benefits will accrue once we get Internet voting. Presently, the various hacking fears and calls to go 100% paper ballots, we will eventually get there. In addition to more accurate, safe, private, and verifiable voting, a new capability called

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