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Drug Makers Putting Profit Before The Elderly

The Medpage Today staff reported this week on a CNN investigation of Nuedexta, a drug approved for PseudoBulbar Affect (PBA). The investigation found PBA is being marketed aggressively to the elderly as a therapy for dementia. Even though independent studies indicate PBA

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Healthcare Cost

Healthcare cost is extraordinarily high in America. We spend 50-100% more per person than other developed countries. It is not because their care is better, to the contrary. Our cost is high for a number of reasons which I discussed

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Authorfest 2017: White Mills, PA

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Telehealth Moves Toward Mainstream

Telemedicine is on its way to becoming mainstream. One company, Teladoc, is believed to have garnered a 75% market share, but I expect a lot more competition coming in. That will be a good thing, more competition will mean better choices

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Robots with Human Skin

I have been following the development of robots for a number of years. The subject will fit nicely in the Attitude book series I have been writing. One aspect I find quite interesting is how much robots are becoming more

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