Protecting the Status Quo

Taxi Cab
CD and record companies did not like it when Napster et al started distributing MP3 digital music files because it threatened the status quo and the companies’  business model. Book publishers did not like it when Amazon started selling books for $9.99 because the new digital books threaten the status quo and the publisher’s business model. Banks, credit card companies, and money transfer companies do not like Bitcoin because the new digital currency model threatens the status quo and fees. Likewise, some tenured professors don’t like the massive open online courses (MOOCs) because the new online education model threatens the status quo and compensation.  Is the pattern familiar? The list is long. Taxi companies and affiliated government entities don’t like Uber because the new on-demand smartphone-based car service threatens the status quo and fees. Not a problem in France. The French government has implemented a new regulation that requires all car services — except those licensed by the French government — to wait 15 minutes after receiving a transportation request before the car service can depart to pick up their passenger. So much for innovation in customer service. Let’s protect the status quo.  

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