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Microbiome Immunity Project

Scientists know a lot about the human microbiome, but there is much more they do not know. We have trillions of bacteria in and all over our bodies. Healthcare providers know bacteria play a role in the development of a

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Update from Attitude LLC

I usually write three short stories for theĀ Attitude LLC blog each week. Most of the posts to date have been about healthcare or technology. Occasionally, I write something about music or travel. Since Election Attitude was published in August, I

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World Community Grid – Zika

The World Community Grid has brought hundreds of thousands of people and millions of computers together from across the globe to create the largest non-profit computing grid benefiting humanity. It does this by pooling surplus computer processing power from users’

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Publications by John R. Patrick | Attitude LLC

It seems like I have been writing papers for a long time. Engineering school did not require any I can recall. However, I wrote a thesis (included here) for my masters degree back in 1971. Then I went dark for

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