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Net Neutrality and Privacy

A number of my friends have asked what I thought of the White House undoing the FCC rules to protect consumer privacy. The concern is taking off the shackles will increase profits, but may not make the world a better

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Net Neutrality

A number of my friends have asked what I thought of the FCC voting for Net Neutrality. Many people interpret the move to regulate the Internet as a sign of government controls, more regulation, and even stifling innovation. I do

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Healthcare Insurance Information Technology

During the open enrollment period for 2014 healthcare insurance a few months ago, my wife and I chose the AARP Medicare Rx Preferred plan offered by United Healthcare, the largest health insurance provider in America. How could we go wrong? UnitedHealthcare

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On May 6th, the Danbury Area Computer Society will hold it’s monthly meeting, and it will be my honor to give a talk there about The Future of  Healthcare and the Internet. This will be the twenty-second year in a row that

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Reflections on Bitcoin – 3

This week on CNBC, Warren Buffett said that Bitcoin is a joke. Once again, this reminds me of 1995 when many pundits said the World Wide Web was a joke. Needless to say, many of them had a stake in

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