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The image is square for a reason. It is not a book cover, it represents the Audible version of the book. About 20 years ago, I sat next to Don Katz, Founder and CEO of Audible, at a technology conference. I

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Health Attitude in Publishers Weekly

Health Attitude, published by Attitude LLC, appeared as a new listing in the May 18 issue of Publishers Weekly Select. The book will also be on display at the American Library Association meeting in San Francisco next month. Details about

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E-Books From Your Local Library

Libraries are trying their best to make borrowing e-books convenient, but publishers are not making it easy. See E-Books Are Easier to Borrow, Just Be Prepared to Wait. The New York Times story said that e-book borrowing is preceded by e-book

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Kindle Update

Thanks to Mary Keough, over at IBM, for reading my post and correcting me on the weight of the Kindle Touch. I was thinking of the new $79 Kindle when I said six ounces. I weighed four devices this morning

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Kindle Fire – Part 2

On September 28, Amazon announced three new Kindles — a $79 Kindle, the $99 Kindle Touch, and the $199 Android-based color touch screen Kindle Fire tablet. Technology pundits have criticized the Kindle Fire’s touch screen and various aspects of the user

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