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Healthcare Cost

Healthcare cost is extraordinarily high in America. We spend 50-100% more per person than other developed countries. It is not because their care is better, to the contrary. Our cost is high for a number of reasons which I discussed

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Microbiome Immunity Project

Scientists know a lot about the human microbiome, but there is much more they do not know. We have trillions of bacteria in and all over our bodies. Healthcare providers know bacteria play a role in the development of a

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Electronic Health Records

I continue to deplore Congress for not talking about the real problem in American healthcare, the cost of delivering healthcare. Premiums and deductibles are high because the cost of healthcare delivery is high. Drug prices are in runaway price growth. When the CEO

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Telehealth Moves Toward Mainstream

Telemedicine is on its way to becoming mainstream. One company, Teladoc, is believed to have garnered a 75% market share, but I expect a lot more competition coming in. That will be a good thing, more competition will mean better choices

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Congress Puts Drug Lobbyists Ahead of Those They are Supposed to Represent

As I have written in Health Attitude: Unraveling and Solving the Complexities of Healthcare, there are many problems with the American healthcare system. The number one problem is the high cost. It is not the cost of the insurance, it is

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