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3D Printing of Body Parts

The merger of biological and non-biological parts in the human body is underway. It is not hard to imagine amazing cures for things previously thought impossible. Thousands die every year while waiting for a transplant. That will become history. Clinicians

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Women in Healthcare

This week I attended the 32nd Annual Research Day at Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN). The keynote speaker was Marcella Nunez-Smith, MD, MHS, Associate Professor at the Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Nunez-Smith’s research focuses on promoting healthcare equity for

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Three Impediments to Meaningful Healthcare Reform

Many Americans are quite upset about our healthcare system. We should be. Healthcare represents nearly 20% of our economy and it is a mess. There is a long list of problems, but, from my perspective, two things stand out as

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Value of a Second Opinion

A recent study at the Mayo Clinic concluded getting a second opinion is critical. The researchers examined the electronic health records of 286 patients who had received a second opinion about a prior medical diagnosis. The results were stunning. In nearly

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In 1963, when I started in engineering school, there were two tracks that an electrical engineering student could choose from — electronics or power. Electronics was about solid state devices such as transistors. (The Intel microprocessor was not to come until 1971).

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