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Internet voting on trial: Problem or Panacea for Democracy?

The 23rd Annual Genesys Partners Venture Dinner and Forum — Genesys XXIII– was held Tuesday night at the Union League Club in New York.  The event was attended by approximately 100 invited venture capitalists, investors, journalists, entrepreneurs, and industry executives.

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Continuity of Thought

The most irritating form of privacy intrusion is the increasing trend in video advertising. As print advertising declines, the Internet is awash in advertising. Publishers must receive income to cover the cost of quality journalism and creative productions. The question is how the income

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Speaking in Paris – 1996

IBM was one of the cofounders of the World Wide Web Consortium at MIT in 1994. I remember our first meeting with Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web, that December. Eighteen months later, the W3C held a global conference

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JFK by Train

I had spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the Agility First! conference at the Union League Club in New York. My flight back to Florida was not until 1 PM so I had plenty of time to get to JFK airport. I

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2015 Open Minds Technology & Informatics Institute

I will be driving down to Washington, D.C. on Monday for the 2015 Open Minds Technology & Informatics Institute. This will be my longest trip so far with the Tesla Model S. I am looking forward to discovering a charging

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