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Congressional Group Agrees With Apple On Encryption

The Verge reported this week about the year-end-report published by the House Judiciary Committee’s Encryption Working Group.  Apple and other tech companies will be pleased with the report. It acknowledges requiring a backdoor to assist law enforcement would weaken overall security. Law enforcement

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Apple Takes 104% of the Profit

Analysts expressed concern Apple had lost some market share in global smartphone sales based on Q3 figures. It is easy to overlook an equally important metric, profit. For the quarter, the iPhone maker took 104% of the profit. How can that

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iPhone 7 and Watch Series 2

I am very happy with the new Apple products. The Series 2 watch is much faster and the new software has a dock much like on a Mac. This makes it very easy to select an app you want to

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Apple Becomes a Green Energy Supplier, With Itself as Customer

The Apple Store in Palo Alto, California operates on 100% renewable energy. Apple takes an innovative approach to the environment, and they are creating new solar energy projects to reduce its carbon footprint. The numbers are impressive. Apple produces or procures clean, renewable energy to power

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Apple – Underwhelming Products?

The WSJ reported today about Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 7. It said the product looked “practical, but not jaw-dropping. As usual the analysts don’t seem to fully appreciate the seamless integration Apple offers or the incredible new technology inside the iPhone. The new

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