NewsroomThis page includes articles and interviews in the press dating back to 1993. I guess you could call it a news diary. Audio and video recordings can be found here. My keynote presentations can be found here. My presentation calendar, past and present, is here. It shows the places I have been over the past five years or plan to be over the months ahead. I am  a speaker at many of the conferences,  but there are some I just go attend to listen and learn. See the conference section of the blog for stories about the people, places, and things I learned at the conferences.

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11-30   Dr. John Patrick Speaks Up About the Election and His Book “Election Attitude”+
08-19   Dr. John Patrick Speaks Up About His “Attitude” Books+
08-15   Election Attitude recommended by the US Review of Books+
08-13   Election Attitude – How Internet Voting Leads to a Stronger Democracy+
08-10   We’ll Be Right Back: John Patrick Talks Olympic Advertising+
08-08   Local pens Election Attitude & paves the way for Internet voting+
07-09   What’s Your Election Attitude? Look for John Patrick’s new book in August+
06-30   The future of healthcare is just getting started with telemedicine+
05-26   John Patrick Mentors Pakistani Entrepreneur+
05-20   John Patrick talks Connecticut & Medicaid+
04-30   Healthcare in the Rain at The Ridgefield Playhouse+
04-18   Just Say No To Drug Ads On TV+
04-10   John Patrick on healthcare for children+
03-18   John Patrick talks Healthcare in the Cloud Era on May 1 at Ridgefield Playhouse+
03-10   New Technologies Help Providers Collect Patient Data+
03-01   Go Mobile for Better Health+
02-25   John Patrick Talks Healthcare & What the Next President Should Do+
02-22   Keeeb Completes $1M Bridge Financing to Establish U.S. Market Entry of “Must Have” Enterprise Discovery Engine+
02-02   New Technologies Help Providers Collect Patient Data+
01-15   How Technology Will Impact Home Health Care+
01-09   Interview with George DiGianni on KTCK, The Ticket, a Dallas, TX+
01-04   Net Attitude: What It Is, How To Get It, And Why You Need It More Than Ever+