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NewsroomThis page includes articles and interviews in the press dating back to 1993. I guess you could call it a news diary. Audio and video recordings can be found here. My keynote presentations can be found here. My presentation calendar, past and present, is here. It shows the places I have been over the past five years or plan to be over the months ahead. I am  a speaker at many of the conferences,  but there are some I just go attend to listen and learn. See the conference section of the blog for stories about the people, places, and things I learned at the conferences.

2017-12-10   The Four Attitudes of Local Author, John Patrick+
2017-12-06   Blockchain could revolutionize voting and elections+
2016-11-30   Dr. John Patrick Speaks Up About the Election and His Book “Election Attitude”+
2016-08-19   Dr. John Patrick Speaks Up About His “Attitude” Books+
2016-08-15   Election Attitude recommended by the US Review of Books+
2016-08-13   Election Attitude – How Internet Voting Leads to a Stronger Democracy+
2016-08-10   We’ll Be Right Back: John Patrick Talks Olympic Advertising+
2016-08-08   Local pens Election Attitude & paves the way for Internet voting+
2016-07-09   What’s Your Election Attitude? Look for John Patrick’s new book in August+
2016-06-30   The future of healthcare is just getting started with telemedicine+
2016-05-26   John Patrick Mentors Pakistani Entrepreneur+
2016-05-20   John Patrick talks Connecticut & Medicaid+
2016-04-30   Healthcare in the Rain at The Ridgefield Playhouse+
2016-04-18   Just Say No To Drug Ads On TV+
2016-04-10   John Patrick on healthcare for children+
2016-03-18   John Patrick talks Healthcare in the Cloud Era on May 1 at Ridgefield Playhouse+
2016-03-10   New Technologies Help Providers Collect Patient Data+
2016-03-01   Go Mobile for Better Health+
2016-02-25   John Patrick Talks Healthcare & What the Next President Should Do+
2016-02-22   Keeeb Completes $1M Bridge Financing to Establish U.S. Market Entry of “Must Have” Enterprise Discovery Engine+
2016-02-02   New Technologies Help Providers Collect Patient Data+
2016-01-15   How Technology Will Impact Home Health Care+
2016-01-09   Interview with George DiGianni on KTCK, The Ticket, a Dallas, TX+
2016-01-04   Net Attitude: What It Is, How To Get It, And Why You Need It More Than Ever+
2015-12-28   Self-Diagnosis Is On the Way by John R. Patrick, DHA+
2015-12-23   Article by JRP: “When Have We Seen Enough Drug Ads on TV?”+
2015-12-21   Interview with Vern on WILO, Indiannapolis, IA+
2015-12-18   Interview with BooksGoSocial+
2015-12-17   Interview with Dr. Ned Hoke on Health Matters, KSVY, Sonoma, CA+
2015-12-15   Article by JRP: “Healthcare Selfies: Consumers Go Mobile for Better Health”+
2015-12-12   Interview with Jay Edwards at WRNJ, Hackettstown, NJ+
2015-12-11   Interview with Bulldog, and sidekicks The Dude, Big Al Reno, and Coach on WOCM, Ocean City, MD+
2015-12-10   Interview with Mike Kara on The Mike Kara Radio Program – “What’s Up America”+
2015-12-10   Interview with Jerry Posick at WGCV, Columbia, SC+
2015-12-09   Interview with Reed Pence at Radio Health Journal+
2015-12-08   Health Attitude: Unraveling and Solving the Complexities of Healthcare (Excerpt)+
2015-12-04   Interview with Tim Bremel on “Your Talk Show”, WCLO, Janesville, WI+
2015-11-24   Interview on The Burt Cohen Show on WSCA, Portsmouth, NH +
2015-11-23   Interview on the Andy Caldwell Show on KUHL, San Luis Obispo, CA+
2015-11-23   Interview with Dr. Thad Woodard on KSKA, Anchorage, AK+
2015-11-20   Interview on the Morning Briefing with Tim Farley on P.O.T.U.S. (Sirius XM)+
2015-11-20   Interview with Mike Cohen on WILS, Lansing, MI+
2015-11-19   Interview on KKMC, Salinas, CA+
2015-11-19   Interview on Bill LuMaye Show, WPTF, Raleigh-Durham, NC+
2015-11-18   Interview on Dr. Jeanette Gallagher Radio, New Orleans, LA+
2015-11-17   Article by JRP: “How Personalization Will Improve Healthcare”+
2015-11-17   Interview on the Bill Martinez Live Show. Nationwide.+
2015-11-17   MedTech Chat: Dr. John Patrick reveals his medical predictions for the future of healthcare+
2015-11-17   Interview with Emiliano Limon on WIBC, Indianapolis, IN +
2015-11-16   Higher Physician Spending Linked to Fewer Lawsuits, but May Undermine Reform Goals+
2015-11-15   Article by JRP: “The Value of mHealth Apps and Devices”+
2015-11-13   The Advantages of Mobile Health Apps Today and Tomorrow+
2015-11-12   Interview on the Andy Caldwell Show on KUHL, Santa Maria, CA+
2015-11-11   Live From Seattle with Michelle Mendoza on KGNW, Seattle, WA+
2015-11-06   Study: More Doctor Spending Linked to Fewer Malpractice Risks. JRP Quoted.+
2015-11-04   Interview with Bulldog and crew on WOCM Ocean 98 LIVE, Ocean City, MD+
2015-11-03   Interview with Ron Verv on WKBN, Youngstown, OH+
2015-11-02   JRP on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo+
2015-10-30   Q&A by JRP: “This Is Heavy: What Does the Future of Healthcare Hold?”+
2015-10-30   Experts Say Lab Industry Needs to Prepare for Adoption of Do-It-Yourself, Smartphone-Based Diagnostics+
2015-10-30   Interview with Abigail Esposito on WTWH, The Future of Healthcare Podcast at Medical Design and Outsourcing Media, LLC+
2015-10-30   Interview with Susie Glaffcock on Just For the Health of It +
2015-10-29   Interview with Charly Butcher on WOWO, Fort Wayne, IN+
2015-10-23   Interview with Joyce Estey on WRNJ, Hackettstown, NJ+
2015-10-22   Interview with Tim Farley on P.O.T.U.S., Sirius XM Radio Ch. 124+
2015-10-22   Interview with Kim Power Stilson on SiriusXM 143, BYU Radio+
2015-10-22   Interview with Melanie Morgan and Larry Olson on KSRO, Santa Rosa, CA+
2015-10-21   Interview with Mark Cope on KXYL, Brownwood, TX+
2015-10-18   Article by JRP: “Why is health care so expensive?”+
2015-10-15   Feature Article by JRP: Healthcare Consultants Forum +
2015-10-15   Interview with Clayton Mick on KORN, Mitchell, SD+
2015-10-15   Interview with Ron Verv on WKBN, Youngstown, OH+
2015-10-14   Interview on the Bill Martinez Live show+
2015-10-14   Interview with Giancarlo Carnevale on WSOU+
2015-10-14   Interview with Vera Gruesner at HealthPayerIntelligence+
2015-10-13   Interview on the @thebevsmithshow+
2015-10-13   Interview with David Levine at AthenaHealth+
2015-10-13   Interview with Ed Dean on WMEL throughout Florida+
2015-10-13   Interview with Les Sinclair, WINA, Charlottesville, VA+
2015-10-13   Interview with Rick Ungar on Sirius XM “Tell me Everything”+
2015-10-12   Interview with Pimm and Kathleen on Bloomberg Radio+
2015-10-08   Interview with Boston Herald Radio+
2015-10-08   Interview with Mark Starling on WWNC, Asheville, NC+
2015-10-07   Interview with Steve Lubetkin on The Middle Chamber Book and Music Podcast+
2015-10-06   Interview with Erin Durkin at FDA Week+
2015-10-06   Interview with Joe Lavelle on Intrepid Healthcare+
2015-10-06   Could Wearable Medical Devices Track Vitals, Diagnose Disease?+
2015-10-04   Interview with Dr. Samadi on World Health News, AM970 The Answer+
2015-10-02   Interview with Tom D’Auria on IMI’s TechTalk, KFNX, Phoenix, AZ+
2015-10-01   Interview with Vera Gruessner at
2015-10-01   Interview with Mike Schikman on WSVA, Harrisonburg, VA+
2015-09-30   Interview with Diane Jones on KPLW, St. Louis, MO+
2015-09-30   Interview with Lori Solomon at G2 Intelligence+
2015-09-28   Interview with Michael Cohen, WILS, Lansing, MI+
2015-09-25   Interview on Cherry Creek Radio, Helena, MT+
2015-09-25   Interview on KFBK, San Diego, CA+
2015-08-19   Interview with Moira Gunn on NPR/Tech Nation+
2015-07-26   Founder & Editor of PC Magazine Gives John Patrick’s Book 5 Stars+
2015-07-15   How mHealth will spur consumer-led healthcare+
2015-07-13   Interview: “Self-Diagnosis Is Here to Stay, and New Tech Makes it Easier”+
2015-07-01   Article by JRP: “Health Attitude”+
2015-07-01   Health Attitude: clear thinking about US healthcare, present conditions, and future possibilities+
2015-06-28   Op-ed by JRP: “High Deductibles Spike Health Care Costs”+
2015-04-30   Internet Pioneer & Ridgefield Resident John Patrick to Offer IT Vision for Health Care Reform+
2015-04-18   Interview by Skip Prichard at OCLC+
2015-04-14   Author Patrick talks at WestConn+
2015-03-30   Internet Pioneer John Patrick to Offer IT Vision for Health Care Reform+
2015-03-29   Interview with Mark Walsh on Sirius XM Radio Channel 127+
2015-03-18   Health Attitude: Unraveling and Solving the Complexities of Healthcare+
2014-08-01   Patrick earns health care degree+
2014-07-23   The Future of Healthcare & the Internet with John Patrick+
2014-07-17   The Effect of CardioNet Home Telemonitoring For Congestive Heart Failure Patients: An Observational Research Study+
2014-07-01   Ten Minutes with John Patrick+
2014-06-26   The Future of Healthcare and the Internet with John Patrick, DHA+
2014-06-26   Health care and the Internet+
2014-06-25   Internet expert goes back to school for health administration+
2014-05-06   Dr. John Patrick’s DACS Presentation+
2013-06-10   Waking IBM: How it got back on top+
2013-05-31   John Patrick – The Future of Healthcare and the Internet+
2013-04-15   John Patrick to speak on “The Future of Healthcare and the Internet”+
2013-04-01   Visionary John Patrick to discuss importance of faster information in medical world+
2013-02-11   John Patrick to Keynote Technology Leaders+
2013-02-02   Interview on Healthcare Policy+
2012-10-03   Internet visionary John Patrick will speak about the future of the Internet at Founders Hall+
2012-06-15   John Patrick – State of the Internet+
2012-05-18   John Patrick receives Lehigh University Alumni Association’s Highest Award+
2012-04-20   How to Empty Your In-Box: John Patrick+
2012-04-02   The Future of The Internet+
2012-04-02   25 Years of IBM’s OS/2: The Strange Days and Surprising Afterlife of a Legendary Operating System+
2012-02-13   Network Trailblazers: A Conversation with John R. Patrick+
2012-02-13   John and Joanne Patrick to be honoured at Habitat Gala+
2011-12-13   Why you should embrace your company’s heretics+
2011-09-30   AFCOM Wraps Successful Data Center World in Orlando+
2011-09-13   Scenes from Data Center World 2011+
2011-08-24   John Patrick to deliver keynote at AFCOM’s Data Center World+
2011-05-07   Oracle of the Internet – John Patrick+
2011-05-05   John Patrick – Future Of The Internet+
2010-02-03   An Interview with Knovel Board Member John Patrick+
2010-01-13   John Patrick – Future Of The Internet+
2009-11-17   Bernadette Gray-Little, John R. Patrick to serve on Board of OCLC+
2009-10-05   SupernovaHub Interview with John Patrick+
2009-06-14   Knovel Interview+
2009-01-13   John Patrick – Future Of The Internet+
2008-05-30   Designing a Dream Home Office+
2008-05-23   Who Is IBM’s IM-ing CEO?+
2008-02-05   Knovel Director John Patrick Named IEEE Fellow+
2008-01-13   John Patrick on The Future of The Internet+
2007-11-29   IEEE to elect John R. Patrick as an IEEE Fellow+
2007-09-26   Strategies to Succeed Online+
2007-07-16   SIIA – Ten Most Significant eCommerce Developments of the Last Decade+
2007-02-05   John Patrick – a Hero of i-Technology+
2007-01-21   King of His Digital Castle+
2007-01-13   The Future of The Internet+
2006-12-23   Ultimate Wired Home – A look at a computer-controlled home+
2006-09-27   DEMO Speakers Ponder Almost Free Wi-Fi Access For All+
2006-09-27   FutureScan Panel ‘The Future of Nanotechnology’ moderated by John Patrick+
2006-09-26   DEMOfall 2006 – What’s ahead for mobile+
2006-09-26   FutureScan Panel ‘The Future of Mobile’ moderated by John Patrick+
2006-05-29   How to be a better blogger — and still keep your day job+
2006-04-25   Rome 2006 Interview between John R. Patrick and Chris Barger+
2006-04-10   The Future of the Internet – Net 2016 The Web 10 Years After+
2006-03-15   Ideas en Proceso+
2006-02-15   The Babel of business: do we over-communicate?+
2006-01-13   The Future of the Internet+
2006-01-11   DEMO 2006 to Feature John Patrick’s FutureScan+
2006-01-09   Big Blue bit by the blogging bug+
2006-01-01   Work in Progress+
2005-12-20   Herkommliche Telefonie wird verschwinden+
2005-12-15   How blogs and podcasts spur innovation+
2005-12-06   Prophesies on: the Future of the Internet+
2005-12-01   What Does An Innovative Company Look Like?+
2005-11-25   InterNet Summit Austria 2005 ein voller Erfolg+
2005-11-23   ISPA Internet Conference+
2005-08-30   Beyond Blue Skies+
2005-08-16   Time-Machine 1995+
2005-08-11   Linux pioneer interview+
2005-07-15   WORKPLACES with WOW! — Building the Perfect Home Office+
2005-06-23   Supernova 2005 Podcast+
2005-05-06   Expert urges educators to harness Internet+
2005-05-05   Internet Visionary Patrick Will Speak at WestConn+
2005-04-27   NYLink Annual Meeting Keynote – The Ultimate Internet: We Have Only Just Begun+
2005-04-14   Riding My iTrike with iTunes+
2005-04-13   The Ultimate Smart Home+
2005-02-17   LinuxWorld keynote explores the untapped Internet+
2005-02-15   It’s About Freedom+
2005-01-10   John Patrick Wins Conferenza Annual Award – Best Moment of 2004+
2004-12-21   R&D Stars to Watch+
2004-12-13   John Patrick Presents: Patrick’s Prognostications+
2004-12-07   Memory Lane – JRP interview with Halley Suitt+
2004-11-01   Article by JRP: “The Bubble: Reconsidering The Boom And The Bust”+
2004-10-15   De olho No Potencial Da Internet+
2004-08-18   DEMOmobile 2004 – Patrick to moderate two key panels+
2004-08-15   Governing in the Goldfish Bowl+
2004-07-28   Prophet of the Digital World+
2004-06-30   Expert believes sale of products over the Internet has caused “paradigm shift”+
2004-06-15   Wi Fi Technology Will Change the Internet+
2004-06-10   Mapping The New Internet+
2004-02-20   The Future Is… Linux Televisions+
2004-02-13   Rupert Goodwins’ Diary+
2004-02-06   Opera Puts Internet Demigod on its Board+
2004-01-30   IBM Internet guru takes Opera role+
2003-12-11   Riding On The Internet Wave+
2003-12-08   The Future of the Internet According to John R. Patrick+
2003-11-20   The Web: The Best Is Yet To Come+
2003-11-15   Expert Voice: John Patrick on Weblogs+
2003-11-10   Article by JRP: The Ultimate Internet+
2003-10-16   Convergence: ENUM is a Really Big Deal+
2003-09-24   Author, alumnus discusses Internet future+
2003-09-17   The Generation Gap at Work+
2003-05-15   “Where To Find New Directors”+
2003-05-02   Spam E-Mail Problem Worse Than Imagined+
2003-04-20   Bills may turn up heat on spammers+
2003-04-18   Will Wi-Fi Fly?+
2003-04-10   Knovel interactive library helps scientists work online+
2003-04-01   The Future of The Internet+
2003-03-31   Find A Way To Go Faster!+
2003-03-20   “Wave propagation”+
2003-03-14   Net guru John Patrick hot for ‘Wi-Fi’+
2003-01-14   Spam Solutions In Sight +
2003-01-07   Jupitermedia Press Release – John Patrick Joins Board of Directors+
2003-01-03   John Patrick’s 11th talk to DACS +
2002-12-18   Can Technology Companies Rescue The Economy? Or Was The Boom Just A Flash In The Pan?+
2002-12-05   Internet Visionary John Patrick Joins knovel Board+
2002-11-18   Cloudmark Cracks the Genetic Code of Spam Delivering Cloudmark Authority, a Solution that Saves a 10,000 Person Corporation Two Million Dollars a Year+
2002-10-12   John Patrick: the fine art of blogging+
2002-08-26   CEOs Need To Walk In Customers’ Shoes+
2002-08-21   Perspective: Wi-Fi and free lunches+
2002-07-01   Digital Fingerprint ‘Net guru John Patrick sees a future built on ID keys+
2002-06-15   John Patrick at ebiz Summit 2002+
2002-06-15   The Next Internet Revolution+
2002-06-01   Taking the Internet for Granted+
2002-04-12   John Patrick/IBM – Top Vet+
2002-03-20   The Pace of Technology: How Much? How Fast? How Revolutionary? New York+
2002-03-17   From Carnegie to Intelo’s Noyce, these Business Titans Embraced Innovation+
2002-03-08   Kids Rock+
2002-02-22   Attitude is everything when it comes to Internet success+
2002-02-19   John Patrick, Author of Net Attitude to speak at Yale SOM+
2002-02-08   Book Review+
2002-02-07   When PC Still Means ‘Punch Card’+
2002-02-03   Does Your Firm Need A ‘Net Attitude’ Check?+
2002-01-30   My picks of the month (BookViews)+
2002-01-27   Untapped potential+
2002-01-22   Internet Use Still Growing, Expert Says+
2002-01-21   Net Attitude : What It Is, How to Get It, and Why Your Company Can’t Survive Without It+
2002-01-01   10 top technologies for 2002+
2002-01-01   Attitude adjustment: IBM ‘s internet guru reveals the mind-set necessary for success in the era of connectivity+
2001-12-16   Author pushes Net attitude+
2001-12-10   IBM’s Patrick talks up e-business and Web services+
2001-12-09   A conversation with IBM’s John Patrick+
2001-12-05   Internet Attitude+
2001-12-04   Review of keynote by John Patrick+
2001-12-04   New England Business Day interview+
2001-11-27   Challenge The Expert+
2001-11-21   Bookshelf — Adopting A ‘Net Attitude’+
2001-11-15   Businesses still playing catch-up with Internet infrastructure+
2001-11-05   Q&A: Net’s potential big, IBM strategist says+
2001-10-31   Dueling Emails+
2001-10-23   Tech nation interview with Moira Gunn+
2001-09-30   Attitude Adjustment+
2001-09-01   Net Attitude: What It Is, How To Get It, And Why Your Company Can’t Survive Without It+
2001-08-22   Building The Next Net+
2001-08-20   Get the Message+
2001-08-02   Britain envisions computing grid+
2001-08-02   IBM backs grid computing+
2001-08-02   IBM gives grid computing a push+
2001-08-02   IBM snares new contracts for Europe-based Internet Grids+
2001-08-02   IBM unveils grid computing concept for future IT+
2001-08-02   IBM wins contract to build Europe-based internet ‘Grid’ networks+
2001-06-21   Interview with John Patrick+
2001-06-19   Transcripts From The New Economy Watch Show+
2001-05-29   CCTA Convention 2001 – CBC Interview with John Patrick+
2001-05-22   Rogers Senior VP to have one-on-one with John Patrick+
2001-05-18   Interview with John Patrick+
2001-05-09   IBM lathers up with SOAP+
2001-05-07   The disconnect between legacy and online systems+
2001-04-27   Server, heal thyself+
2001-04-16   Big Blue hacker for hire+
2001-04-10   IBM on Next Generation Internet+
2001-04-02   Profile : John Patrick VP Internet Technology IBM+
2001-02-28   Think Ahead: John Patrick – A dispatch from PC Forum 2001+
2001-01-31   Browser wars: Rest in peace+
2001-01-15   Businesses Embrace Instant Messaging+
2001-01-04   John Patrick Takes Us “on a magic carpet ride”+
2000-12-12   Patrick Draws Overflow Crowd Of Developers And Entrepreneurs+
2000-12-06   Internet guru to speak, says best is yet to come.+
2000-12-04   IBM’s Internet chief prognosticates about the future of Big Blue and the Internet+
2000-11-29   Kevin Patrick (CNET Radio) interviews John Patrick+
2000-11-28   The future of the Internet+
2000-11-28   “The Future of the Internet” – Challenge the Experts Panel+
2000-11-26   The Revolutionaries at IBM+
2000-11-20   IBM identifies factors which will promote usage of Internet+
2000-11-06   Instantly Growing Up+
2000-09-14   “You don’t need a PC” / IBM Exec: Hand-held devices will spur Net’s growth+
2000-09-08   IBM touts open source and free data+
2000-08-31   IBM opens Sash for web applications+
2000-08-26   The Internet Gives Power to the People Rather than to Institutions+
2000-08-24   Big Blue bets big on little Linux+
2000-08-21   IBM touts its wireless wares+
2000-08-17   Big bets and baby steps towards Next Gen Net in Las Vegas+
2000-08-17   IBM alphaWorks offers technical support to partners+
2000-08-16   A truly converted IBM+
2000-08-16   IBM to developers: Change is the only constant+
2000-08-14   IBM gets extreme+
2000-08-07   Recruiting Strategies+
2000-08-03   Five Questions With John Patrick, VP of Internet Technology at IBM+
2000-07-31   The Internet, Part II+
2000-07-28   IBM Sees Linux In Your Future+
2000-07-10   Media coverage of recent trip to Taipei+
2000-06-29   Waking up IBM+
2000-06-27   New ways to police the internet+
2000-06-01   John Patrick on Boston radio+
2000-05-22   IBM mainframe open to Linux+
2000-05-17   IBM Mainframe Computers to Carry Linux+
2000-05-09   XML spells big changes in the Internet, experts say+
2000-05-08   Chief Dreamer Reads Card of Big Blue’s Internet Man+
2000-05-06   IBM outlines future of the internet+
2000-04-24   15 minutes with John Patrick+
2000-04-23   New focus at IBM+
2000-04-18   IBM’s Internet Point Man Gazes Into Virtual Future+
2000-04-09   Connecting the world through Internet appliances+
2000-04-09   Modem Driver: Dough! Net conference about money overculture+
2000-04-07   IBM Chief: Dial-Up Will Soon Die+
2000-04-07   IBM Net guru has hope for privacy on the Web+
2000-04-07   IBM Prospects for Future of Internet+
2000-04-07   Nasdaq turbulence doesn’t daunt Internet junkies+
2000-04-06   Instant messaging latest trend in e-commerce software+
2000-04-06   Interview with Talkradio+
2000-04-06   IPv6 Is Ready For Prime Time+
2000-04-06   John Patrick Dreams, Internet World 2000 Listens+
2000-04-05   Future Web: Fast, Smart, and Private+
2000-04-05   IBM Web Exec Sees Internet Getting Faster, Easier To Use+
2000-04-05   Irony, Agony at Spring Internet World 2000+
2000-04-04   IBM’s Patrick Sees Internet Maturing+
2000-04-03   Internet Guru’s Theory of Evolution+
2000-04-03   John Patrick’s Vision: NGI+
2000-03-31   An Interview with John Patrick+
2000-03-27   Linux power quest+
2000-03-14   Moving at the Speed of Business+
2000-03-01   The Digital ID Solution+
2000-02-26   E-fficiency in a new e-conomy+
2000-02-23   Patrick talks to Lehigh students about IBM+
2000-02-10   The Next Web+
2000-02-05   IEEE: An interview with John Patrick+
2000-01-25   Instant Messaging Grows Up+
2000-01-12   Era of the intelligent dustbin poses as Utopia+
2000-01-01   Quote about the the new millenium in New York Times+
1999-12-30   Making alphaWorks work+
1999-12-27   The 25 Most Powerful People in Networking+
1999-12-20   Internet Access to Become Ubiquitous+
1999-12-17   Asia – December 1999 press+
1999-12-17   IBM’s e-pioneer reminisces+
1999-12-15   John Patrick presents: The State of the Internet+
1999-12-08   Browse the Web from your mobile phone+
1999-12-07   IBM Helps Set Up Next Generation Net Standard+
1999-12-07   IBM Internet VP…Development of Future Enterprises will Speed Up+
1999-12-07   IBM’s New Generation E-Business Solution Leader+
1999-12-07   Some portals may come unhinged in 2000+
1999-12-07   Success in e-business depends on initiative+
1999-12-06   Press Activities – Taiwan Press roundtable+
1999-12-04   IBM Internet Expert Thinks All-Purpose Web Site Still has Room to Survive+
1999-12-04   Life will be easier, says IBM’s Chief Dreamer+
1999-12-03   Press Activities – Hong Kong roundtable+
1999-12-02   Net Man from IBM Predicts Future Web Sites will be Filled with Sound and Pictures+
1999-12-02   Next Generation Internet (program:
1999-12-01   Press Activities – Singapore Press roundtable+
1999-12-01   Hot Seat: John Patrick+
1999-11-15   IBM’s Patrick Pushes Internet Forward+
1999-11-12   New Shades Of Blue+
1999-11-11   The Future of Tomorrow’s Internet+
1999-10-28   IBM exec urges future business leaders to capitalize on Internet II+
1999-10-18   Internet2 Should Trickle Down+
1999-10-11   A brave New Web+
1999-10-04   Internet guru John Patrick predicts the benefits of bountiful bandwidth+
1999-09-30   WHAT’S NEXT; Promising an End to Cable Spaghetti+
1999-07-15   Avoid regulation by addressing Internet’s needs now, says IBM’s Patrick+
1999-06-30   IBMer Sees the Net’s Future+
1999-06-29   Test Your Web App on Teens+
1999-05-12   AOL, EuroISPA, IBM and Microsoft Join Forces+
1999-05-12   Quick Results Key To E-Commerce+
1999-04-13   IBM Visionary+
1999-04-07   IBM testing superfast Internet services+
1999-04-07   Net-working: NU opens international research center to lead future Internet developments+
1999-04-06   IBM drives research into advanced multimedia on Net+
1999-04-06   IBM launches new 64-bit server+
1999-04-06   IBM Launches World’s Largest Server+
1999-04-06   IBM To Develop Technology For Bandwidth-Rich Networks+
1999-04-06   IBM to unveil 2 projects to test technology for faster Internet+
1999-04-06   IBM unveils 4-way server+
1999-04-06   IBM, Northwestern Launch Research Project+
1999-04-06   iCair Coverage+
1999-04-06   Internet research center founded Northwestern University+
1999-04-06   Northwestern opens Internet research center+
1999-04-06   Two projects for a faster Internet+
1999-04-05   IBM kicking off Net video research+
1999-03-30   Internet Access+
1999-03-24   Competitors sharpen weapons for the digital contest+
1999-02-05   PC’s Days as Main Internet Tool Numbered, IBM Guru Says+
1999-02-04   E-Business Stands to Revolutionize Internet+
1999-02-04   IBM to reveal storage initiative for advanced applications+
1999-02-01   IBM Exec Says to Expect Human Interaction on the Net+
1999-01-01   GETTING PUMPED.(Internet2, the NGII)(Technology Information)+
1998-12-31   The Conference-Commando Field Manual+
1998-12-15   Masters of the Wired World+
1998-12-10   John Patrick Presents: The message is the medium+
1998-11-30   IBM exec says the Internet will ‘redefine the future’+
1998-10-19   RealAudio: John Patrick — Working the Net+
1998-09-14   Consortium Seeks To Speed Creation Of New Domain-Name Organization+
1998-09-09   Pledge Drive For New Domain System Kicks Off+
1998-09-09   Raising funds for Net names body+
1998-09-09   Domain Do-gooders+
1998-08-13   The Web at 1000X+
1998-07-16   Voices Events With… John Patrick+
1998-07-15   IBM’s Patrick: Let us now praise out-of-the-box thinking+
1998-07-01   Challenges confront growing E-business+
1998-07-01   E-business – the voyage+
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