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30/30 Entrepreneurship

In early summer 2014, I was having a technical problem with my website. I visited some of the online freelancer sites to find someone who could solve the problem. Within minutes, after posting a paragraph describing the problem, I received

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Net Neutrality and Privacy

A number of my friends have asked what I thought of the White House undoing the FCC rules to protect consumer privacy. The concern is taking off the shackles will increase profits, but may not make the world a better

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Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything

I have been writing about technology for more than 20 years. I never considered myself a futurist, but I have generally been accurate in predicting what is just over the hill, around the curve. Usually, my predictions have been about

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Go Figure at CVS

Occasionally, I cannot resist posting a short example of a lack of net attitude. I usually label them Go Figure. Today, I stopped by CVS in Hawley, PA to pick up a prescription. The invitation on the counter was clear,

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Wi-Fi Kiosks Begin Replacing New York City’s Pay Phones – WSJ

New York City is replacing pay phone booths with WiFi Kiosks. The project is called LinkNYC and it aims to install 7,500 units within a decade. There should be 500 by this summer. The kiosks are 9½ feet tall and provide WiFi within a radius of

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